March 22, 2021

Tidbits for 2021 Week 12

  • Mac Mouse Fix: my favorite mouse utility is now an App that works great with Big Sur.
  • UTM: QEMU frontend for M1 Macs. Looks nice and it uses Apple’s Hypervisor virtualization framework to run ARM64 OS’s. Will look at this with some bash scripts I need to work on soon.
  • RSS feed of all newly released books from your favorite authors. Subscribed.
  • xbar: a BitBar reboot for the Mac menubar with hundreds of plugins.
  • DisplayBuddy: Control external displays from your Mac menu bar. No M1 version yet.
  • Scan Thing: fun scanner that lets extract objects, text, images from the real world for iOS and Mac.
  • Aqueux: OS X Tiger inspired collection of dynamic wallpapers, for desktop & mobile. Instant purchase.


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