March 24, 2021

Simple Hyper Key App For macOS

Ryan Hanson on

A common solution for this problem is to remap a key (often caps lock) to the hyper key”: a combination of shift, control, option, and command. Since this modifier key combination is very unlikely to be taken by shortcuts in any application, it collectively becomes an extra modifier key. My take on this solution is a single purpose app called Hyperkey.

I’ve been looking at setting up a hyper key for a while, and although there are many options, I’d shied away of the configuration. After a day of playing with this app, I’m sold.

I set it up as the right command key for now. In combination with Alfred, the freedom to move many obtuse key combos to simple ones is great.

A few of the key combos I’ve created/moved:

Shortcut Action
right ⌘ + o Opens/Hide Obsidian
right ⌘ + 1 Opens Finder in 1 Projects folder
right ⌘ + 2 Opens Finder in 2 Areas folder
right ⌘ + y Add file to Yoink
right ⌘ + m Copy markdown link with Hook
right ⌘ + c Copy link with Hook

The list will likely grow over the next few weeks, but I have drank the hyper key kool-aid for sure.


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