April 15, 2021

Spotify Launches Smart Player Car Thing”


Car Thing enables you to play your favorite audio faster, so you’re already listening to that hit song or the latest podcast episode before you’ve even pulled out of the driveway. Switching between your favorite audio is effortless, allowing you to shift gears to something else as soon as the mood strikes. And when it comes to controlling the device, use it in the way that works best for you, whether that’s voice, touch, or physical controls.

Looks very cool, but I think Matt Ronge hits the nail of the head:

Who is this for really? Have to confess that I signed up, just for the love of hardware1_, but since I already have CarPlay — I find it hard to think when it would be useful. Maybe it will be a Wireless CarPlay cheap substitute. Still, it does look nice.

  1. Now we know why they were looking for harware talent a few years back.↩︎


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