May 19, 2021

Hidden Fantastical Settings

There are only so many settings a developer can put in a setting screen. Along the road of development, there are often niche settings that don’t make the cut. For better apps, developers often leave hidden settings to access via Terminal or URL callback.

Can’t believe I hadn’t linked to this. Extremely useful if Fantastical is your default Calendar.

These are the ones I use:

Always Show All: Set to YES (β€œ1”) to have the details always visible in the event and reminder popover.


Dim All Past Items: Set to YES to dim all events and tasks on days in the past. This affects Mac and iOS, List, Month, Week, and Day View.


Default Event Duration: Specify the default event duration in seconds (gives finer control than the presets in the app). For example, to make a default event duration of 25 minutes, use 1500 seconds.



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