May 20, 2021

Kobo Elipsa is a 10.3 inch e-note and eReader

Michael Kozlowski on

Kobo has just announced the Elipsa, which is their first E INK product that is geared towards professionals. You can freehand draw, jot down notes, edit and make highlights in a dedicated app, and you can also do the same thing in PDF files and ebooks.

Looks a bit chunky to me, but glad the Kindle is getting some competition on the new_ish_ e-Ink reader/note taking category. Personally, the smaller Supernote A5 X seems more interesting, but Kobo’s reach is much more massive.

Update: Turns out the handwriting recognition is done by MyScript, who’s Nebo app is the best HWR software on the iPad. Still not getting one, but it does tip the scale.


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