May 5, 2021

UX Redesign for Amazon’s Kindle App

Leo Vogel on

My research found that readers don’t organize their ebook libraries. Users with large libraries have difficulty remembering what is in their library — which results in them browsing their library, but this too is cumbersome. Research also found that users read multiple books concurrently, selecting a book based on their current mood. Readers preferred to read different genes [sic] depending on their current mood—the current genre also determined if a user wanted to see their current reading progress. The last finding was that some users want to have one shared library for their whole family, similar to Netflix or other digital media accounts.

Nice touches all around. Really liked the shelf concept for multiple books you may be currently reading. Says a lot of the lack of competition and vertical integration of the ebook industry that neither Amazon nor Apple need to cater to advance users.


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