June 22, 2021

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s New Band

Allison Hussey and Matthew Ismael Ruiz, on pitchfork.com:

Performing in a corrugated shed with what appeared to be a parachute as a roof, the Smile ran through eight new songs in just more than 30 minutes, with Yorke and Greenwood shuffling between guitars, bass, a Moog synthesizer, and a Fender Rhodes. Yorke introduced the band with a bit of a riddle: Ladies and gentlemen, we are called The Smile.’ Not the smile as in ahh!’, more The Smile’ as in, the guy who lies to you every day….”

Just like Star Wars, I rather live in world that still produces Radiohead albums every few years. I need to listen to the set a few more times, but if this the sort of no pressure album 66% of Radiohead will produce, I’m in.

Also, the website is amazing.


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