September 28, 2021

Weekly Work Review

Every Friday at 4pm, I have a 42min meeting with a link to an Obsidian file. The file contains the following template:

  • Emails Sorted
  • Review Folder 1 Projects
  • Next Week Calendar
  • Things Work Tasks
  • Sort Download Files Folder

Each has a link that makes it actionable on the Mac1. The intent of each:

  • Email Sorted: my passive aggressive version of InboxZero. It allows me to reach a clean inbox, but allows a lot of email snoozing.
  • Review Folder 1 Projects: opens the folder, and I try to have no more than 5 folders there. Inactive’s or done projects are moved to 4 Archive.
  • Next Week Calendar: opens Fantastical. I try to move around meetings from a high-level view, and make block some focus time.
  • Things Work Tasks: although most of my tasks are in Obsidian, there’s still items that will fall in my Things work area.
  • Sort Download Files: Use Folder Tidy to sort the Download folder. Afterwards I’ll usually rescue some files to either add to a project above or group into a folder and send to 4 Archive or to a 2 Areas sub-folder.

This check list is linked at the end of my weekly notes with the name Weekly Review for historical reasons.

  1. Mostly with the help of Hook.↩︎

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