October 19, 2021

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro


Game-changing MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max delivers extraordinary performance and battery life, and features the world’s best notebook display.

Of course Apple’s newsroom is going to be full of adjetives, but this time they all appear true.

Some notes:

  • These MacBook Pro’s come from another timeline, where the 2015 versions were continually improved and the terrible butterfly switch keyboards models never existed.
  • We need to wait for the benchmark, but I’m confident these notebooks will live up to the extraordinary performance marketing.
  • The battery life of the plain M1 processor is amazing, and these new models seem to be even more so.
  • Seems a waste to run the beautiful screens in clamshell mode as I do half the time.
  • The design is functional. I really like it. Makes sense because I went 5 years without upgrading by work 13in MacBook Pro — and only upgraded to a MacBook Air when repairs forced me to.
  • The screen has a notch. Looks weird, but I rather have those pixels than a wider top border.
  • Touch Bar is gone. Did I mention I went 5 years without upgrading? Touch Bar was also part of it.
  • Pricing starts at $1999 and goes up to the heavens. But I think both 14in and 16in base models are the strongest Apple has shipped in forever.

While I could make a case for one of these machines, I’m going to hold on for the next MacBook Air. As I said before, this M1 wonder has been the best notebook I’ve had, and slowdowns are something I rarely experience in my Obsidian, Excel, Microsoft Edge, Outlook Web1 workflows. What I really need want is an external 5K monitor. And sadly Apple is not taking my money yet on it.

However, if you’re in the market for a Pro machine, and have $3k to spare, you can’t go wrong with this lineup.

  1. More on this Microsoft centric shadow on my colophon soon.↩︎

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