January 26, 2022

Free Plugin to Trigger Shortcuts from Obsidian

Federico Viticci, on macstories.net:

With Obsidian Shortcut Launcher (or OSL), you’ll be able to trigger any shortcut you want from Obsidian, passing along values such as the text of the document you’re working on, its name, text selection, and more. Obsidian Shortcut Launcher is free to use and works on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Whoa. This sounds very powerful and useful. Thinking I could go crazy with the options — however, it’s nothing I couldn’t already do with Drafts. Don’t get me wrong, the plug-in is really exciting. It’s more of a note-to-self before heading down a rabbit hole with it.

Too late. Already thinking of ways to migrate existing Shortcuts to this.


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