January 30, 2022

Social Networking Plans for 2022

Inspired by others, I’ve taken some action on my social networking for this year.

  • Mastodon1 Dedos De Frente Instance: an effort to push our geeky Spanglish slack group to twitter-like group — with dreams of it being a community later. I’ll write about Posts vs Chats later, but right now it’s meeting a lot of resistance.
  • RSS: used to be this was a given, but recent posts of people celebrating RSS makes it less clear. I’ve been using RSS for 15+ years for my river of news and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Lots of blogs and geek website, using Feed Wangler with the Reeder app.
  • Tweetdue: a shortcut that forces me to write 42 characters into my microblog before opening Tweetbot. This works best with my usual setup of removing Tweetbot from Siri & Search on iOS and adding it to Spotlight»Privacy on the Mac.
  • Deleting old tweets: being doing this since last year using TweetDelete, it deletes tweets older than 3 months. This gives them a more ephemeral feeling.
  • Web Instagram and YouTube: I’ve deleted both apps and only visit them on the web version. With YouTube, this has the added benefit when done with the Vinegar Safari extension of not seeing ads.

In addition to hiding Twitter apps, I also block it (alongside Instagram and Youtube) in the early morning and at the end of the weekdays with Freedom — and during the morning on weekends. This has really helped in cutting the impulse to go there when I’m running away of another task.

I’m missing a photo sharing part in all of this, although Glass looks great, my needs are more toward family photo sharing. So for now posting into my microblog and mastodon will do.

Looking ahead, the group mastodon instance is the only iffy part of the plan. If it doesn’t catch on, I’ll likely go back to Micro.blog. But I’ll cross that river later.

  1. Actually using Hometown fork, hosted at Spacebear, because of its local only posting feature.↩︎

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