February 1, 2022

Ok Blogger

I usually tell myself that I blog to leave a window into my thoughts for my kids. A snapshot of my mindset in a moment in time.

As I struggle to contain my 6yo access to YouTube and TikTok, I wonder if I’m not barking at the wrong tree. Is a written journal — outside all platforms and with a domain that’s only cool to me — even going to register in their radar? Is this blog the 50 years remove equivalent of a weekly editorial from a ham operator?

The truth is that I write because I want to be recognized. I have thoughts, ideas, hacks that I believe are valuable. So then, I want to be an influencer? Seems to me that written content influencer are few and far between. Never mind having millions of followers, the coolest writers I follow fall flat when I try to share them, even with my wife.

So what’s the point? The truth is: kicking off the script in Obsidian that results in these words being published on my website is one of the most sure-fire ways to bring a smile to my face.

It’s solved then, I blog for me.

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