February 13, 2022

A Review of the Orion macOS Browser

Riccardo Mori, on morrick.me:

Orion’s approach is utilitarian. It doesn’t want to win users with a fancy UI or quirky æsthetics to appear different’. Its user interface is not that different from Safari. Its design philosophy has to do with how the browser works, not how it looks. And today a browser should be fast (in a Web that’s getting progressively bloated and dragged down by intrusive, resource-consuming scripts), privacy conscious, and adhering to the web’s standards. And that’s what Orion is and does.

The current private beta is very impressive. It’s crazy fast, and the extensions support mean almost no compromise. The only reason I’m still on Brave is that the BI tool/data lake we use at work seems very optimized for Chrome. It’s also useful to experience the tool the same way 90% of my users do.

I also suspect the other reason for not switching is the boring UI — I agree this is a feature for most people and makes sense for the product. But some coolness would probably drive me to reach for it more often.


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