February 14, 2022

Tidbits for 2022 Week 7

  • DevToys: An offline Windows app that helps developers in daily tasks
  • Little Faker: free Latin text and other fake data generator for macOS.
  • Nautomate: Notion actions in Shortcuts, makes it easy to add & read values in a Notion database. In beta.
  • FluTooth: utility that turns off Bluetooth when you close your MacBook, and turns it back on when you open it again.
  • CloudpilotEmu: web-based emulator for PalmOS. Works great on iOS and my flashbacks are too many.
  • Ochi: block apps & websites on on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I’m using Freedom, but this seems like an alternative.
  • Play: bookmark YouTube videos to watch later on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Testing out this week.


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