February 2, 2022

A Man With a Plan

I had a plan. Ironically I even wrote a drafts post about the morning page and how it’s becoming too much like a morning task list. And then… life happened.

Slowly at first, then faster than expected, broken datasets on the day everyone has their January reports due threw my day into a debugging frenzy.

Lunch skipped — which worked out fine because I wanted to do a 24hr fast this week — by end of day the biggest fires were out. But there’s still smoke in the ticket system.

This is the paragraph that should have closed my ramblings about the morning page not being as productive as I hoped:

I must remember that the point of the exercise is the exercise. Enjoy the doing, not the before or after.

It might make little sense on this post, but that’s the insight: the morning page cannot be judged by its influence on the rest of the day, that’s too big of a burden to put on a harmless practice.

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