February 7, 2022

Tidbits for 2022 Week 6

  • Voiceliner: free voice transcript outliners for iOS and Android.
  • Zavala: Extremely clean free outliner for macOS/iOS.
  • Centro 365: browser extension to quickly get to Microsoft 365 administration pages.
  • Minimal 5.0: my preferred theme for Obsidian got a great update with new colors schemes.
  • Docflipper: macOS Cmd + Tab utility that ads a bottom row of bookmarks (Folders, URLs, URLs Schemes). Subscribed and added to my login apps.

  • Start11: Didn’t know Stardock was still around. People seem to be enjoying this Start menu enhancement on Windows 11.

  • QSpace: A very powerful look macOS Finder enhancement.
  • Replacicon: Great utililty to easily replace icons on macOS. Is it worth $5 for something I’ve done manually over years. Yes
  • PanWriter: Free markdown two pane app for Mac/Windows/Linux. Good to have around.


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