March 19, 2022

Tickets as Placeholder for a Conversation

John Obelenus, on

What do I care about for tickets? A ticket represents a conversation. I don’t care where the conversation gets recorded, or at all (provided the people are capable of remembering it). My problem is when a ticket exists absent any conversation at all.

More rant than essay, but ticket as a conversation placeholder is a very useful insight to have on team tasks — Github issues in my workplace.

The other interesting concept is shared context:

That conversation is what matters. Jira (or Trello, Pivotal, sticky notes on a wall, pick any other etc) is only a good tool when it facilitates those conversations and makes sure that the team has them. If people use the tool to have the conversation thats what really matters. That is the best way your team is going to build shared context.

Both ideas together are going into my sparks list, to revisit soon when we have to create a sort of project management handbook


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