May 31, 2022

Tools, Toys and Distractions

Sometimes you do something just to try a tool. Nothing wrong with this. Itโ€™s your craft, practicing it for the sake of practice is valid.

But once you get started down this path, there seems to be multiple destinations:

  • Pushing the tool to explore all of its possibilities feels like art.
  • Using the tool because itโ€™s fun, seems like procrastination.
  • Testing the tool to see how it improves your workflow

The truth probably lies in a combination of the above, but my conscience will always lean the productivity angle.

Which is never going to be one you remember when you look back. Those great stories on your deathbed are unlikely to celebrate an optimized process, versus a colossal chaos that ensued after you overdid something.

Still, better to be somewhere in the above matrix, that not even play.

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