June 1, 2022

Setting Up Camp on the Viewing Spot

Once you reach the hilltop, the waterfall, the panoramic cliff — You don’t set up camp exactly there. You retreat to the closest protected spot. Even on the most pristine beach, you’d likely take a few steps away from the shore — just in case.

The rush of the best view possible is amazing, but for our down-time we seek shelter. A few steps from marvel x” is a perfectly acceptable compromise in any hotel description. Few complain that their room is not on the ancient ruins.

Even if the special location doesn’t hold any danger, a separation is a feature. The mundane parts of our routine can spoil the amazingness of the spot. We can’t snap to a mindfulness state in a second, but a few minutes of arrival time help us transition.

I think the same things applies to our daily lives, the connecting stuff between the high-points are required. Not only to reach the hilltops, but also to be able to appreciate it once I’m there.

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