July 15, 2022

Complementary Compromise Habits

For me, it’s a struggle to create a habit. Over the past year I’ve focussed on the design and logging aspect, but no real improvement. Or at least no new strong habits.

A new experiment is showing promise: Complementary Compromise Habits, or ComCom Habits. In reality, this is not new. My most successful acquired habit in adulthood as been daily journaling. And the way I accidentally achieved it was by continuously failing to meditate.

Every night when I had to choose to either goi the living room to meditate or just go to bed and write something… and for whatever reason, journaling won. Now, I’m not able to fall asleep without writing something. A real habit.

While I’m still remixing my current batch of habits, but here’s my current working version:

Habit A Habit B
Make Sentences Read Paragraphs
Challenge Heartbeat No Sugar
Happy Childhood Real Playmate
Dinner Fasting Offline Pillow
Time with Your Self Solvitur Ambulando
Be Present Mind the Joy

Each set are both a complementary and a compromise habit between each other — ComCom’s. Which also provides a bigger/easier objective, without increasing the habit list. Which usually leads to dissapointment when you miss too many in a day.

Let’s see if I report back on the compliance of these in a few months. Or, more likely, if a year later I come back with another scheme as disguised excuse for not achieving the previous few attempts.

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