July 18, 2022

Using Linkify Obsidian Plugin to Reference Github Issues

Today I did a quick setting to easily link my Obsidian notes to github issues in multiple repos. Iโ€™m using the linkify plugin:

This plugin converts text into links based on regular expressions. The regular expressions and link destinations are configurable on the Options page for the plugin.

Setup is ver easy, just added the following regex:


And the URL: https://github.com/YourOrg/$1/issues/$2

A now, when I write the following nomenclature: gi:RepoName#issueNumber , i.e.ย gi:sre#123 will open as: https://github.com/yourORG/sre/issues/123

Very usefull for the daily note, or weekly note when issue numbers are mentioned and want to follow-up later.

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