October 13, 2022

Notebooks and Laptops

Apple’s change in naming from Notebook to Laptop across products, documentation and software is bittersweet. It makes sense, most people call them Laptops, and Notebooks usually require an explanation.

So the most noteworthy aspect of this change is… how not noteworthy it is. But this is the bitter part. Ten years ago, this change would have prompted a never ending stream of expectation from everyone. Well, at least from me.

They’re changing the name to Laptops because Notebooks are going to be a new category.

I fell for this before with the renaming of iBooks ebooks reading app to Books. Which ended up being, just a name change. And it seems this time no one has falling for it. Not even myself.

What does this say to the state of Apple product line? Is it just this complete? Or have we lost the capacity to dream up unreasonable-but-exciting product categories? Probably a little of both.


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