October 16, 2022

Altered (Life) Plans

I get anxious on our flights to Venezuela, even when we technically have everything in order. Growing up there taught me rules and reality are not necessarily the same.

The prospect of traveling for weeks from Venezuela to the US, and having the rules changed before you arrive, triggers emotions I don’t want to deal with. Mostly because, who the frak cares about my emotions when others are carrying their children through 7 countries. Myself included.

The Venezuelan migrant situation is complex. As we see and interact with hundreds passing through Costa Rica, my objectivity is clouded. I don’t want to have a smart public policy discussion, I want the problem to not exist. To not be a reminder of a country destroyed. Of a delusional society which dares to half-joke: Venezuela is now fixed.

But regardless how much of a trigger to my precious migrant sensibilities the Venezuelan family asking for money in the corner is… They — and many many more — continue to exist.


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