November 21, 2022

Tidbits for 2022 Week 47

  • Playground AI: Free Stable Diffusion image generation. Paid options for Dall-E. Simplest tool Iโ€™ve foud if you want to play with AI images.

  • Tweek Calendar: web-based minimal weekly planner & to-do list app. Nice printable PDF also. Keeping around.

  • Grila: macOS keyboard-driven calendar. Trying it out, not sure it will stick, but interesting.

  • Split CSV: Filter and split a CSV file into multiple files. Donโ€™t need it nowadays, but I would have gladly paid $40 for this a few years back.

  • Haikei: Wave and others image generators. Useful for slide backgrounds.

  • Maparoni: macOS/iOS organise, explore and share map data using tables on a map. Not sure how, but will try it soon.

  • Add to Obsidian Note: Configurable Draft action adds the content of the current draft to a selectable note in your Obsidian vault.
  • Plain Text Editor: Simple free macOS text editor with โ€œBrain Dump Modeโ€ (no backspace). Good to have around.
  • Flowist: Focus Mode for Todoist. Display one task at a time. Could be useful.


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