January 29, 2023

Getting Back in the Saddle

Going to do another post every day attempt in February. While I cringe at the quality of some post in November, as I look back at them, I enjoy their tone of voice. It’s my real voice, unlike many of the other longer posts.

Given what happened with Twitter, I’m arriving at the conclusion that this is a weblog. (Please hold your duh’s) This website is a public journal, nothing more. But it has been much less than that, mainly because my weird fixation with other blogs I admire. Nothing wrong with that. But even hobbyist writers must write. Not worry about an audience. Specially if an audience doesn’t exist.

I’m going to assume the reader cares about my rumination’s. If not so much, they’ll skim. If not at all, they’ll just skip.

By the end of this round, I expect to change domains. 5typos.net had a good run. 15 years is not nothing. But I think it’s time to put everything under roberto.mateu.me and just write.

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