February 10, 2023

Look Back and Laugh

Today feels like the start of a new era in my work life. As with all geological eras, the exact date they change is debatable. While I’m jotting down today as the end of the previous era — the one I’ve lived in for the past 5 years — it was almost an average day.

A short announcement in a call with just a few people is the inflection point. Far from the moment the meteor crashes, but for me, when we discover it’s heading towards earth.

Change brings opportunity, nothing is permanent except change, we were happy and didn’t know it. All these cliches are applicable and there’s no need for drama. Nothing is happening yet. And nothing will suddenly happen. Small change upon small change will occur and, since we live through it, it’ll appear normal at the other end. I’ll look back and laugh at it all.

But if my future and today self exchange glances for a moment — without all the intermediaries — both will pause, and sigh.

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