February 24, 2023

Opera Adds ChatGPT Sidebar

Julia Szyndzielorz, on blogs.opera.com:

Opera is planning to add popular AI-generated content services to the browser sidebar. On top of that, the company is also working on augmenting the browsing experience with new features that will interact with these new generative-AI-powered capabilities. Among the first features to be tested is a new โ€œShortenโ€ button in the address bar that will be able to use AI to generate short summaries of any webpage or article.

Of course they did. Opera has been trying to find smaller market segments for some time, with a crypto version and gaming version, among others. Which makes sense for them as they try get gain share from smaller pockets.

Mildly related, not a fan of Opera blog now being PR post. Of course Iโ€™m biased, but doesnโ€™t make it less truth.


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