February 7, 2023

Llueve Sobre Mojado

The Spanish expression llueve sobre mojado — also a great song — means something along the lines of raining over already wet. And while this works as a title for many productivity topics, my alternative title for this post: My Damp Damn Life, should indicate this a real #FirstWorldProblem rant about… humidity.

Costa Rica is humid. It’s famous for its rainforest, so that’s no surprise. Still, the daily rains for over three quarters of the year are sometimes challenging. But we manage. Swimming pools, tennis courts, and small football fields usually have a roof. The marketing machine that brought you eco-tourism, calls these 8 months the… wait for it… green season. Because, yes it rains, but everything also turns green. Brilliant.

Anyways, we manage. You do outside stuff in the morning, never leave car windows open, and you get some sort of roof leak every year. It’s fine. But, my biggest complaint is: damp towels.

Our first house bathroom didn’t have a window. I always attributed most of the dampness to that design detail. And after four years, when we moved to a slightly bigger place, my big priority was a bathroom window.

Well, here we are. Middle of dry season. Bathroom with a window and a damp towel. Here’s where I’d make up some anecdata and try to compare drying with cellphone or sleeping mattress. Did you know you spend more time drying yourself than brushing your teeth? Probably not. But people still spend more on toothpaste and toothbrushes than on towels, that’s for sure.

It has come down to this. As modern person, I’m going to buy myself out of a problem. I literally still have 30 more years to pay for this house, so we need a more targeted and cost-effective solution.

According to a few British websites, they know a few things about dampness over there, my options are either a heated towel rack or a dehumidifier. And as soon as I’m able to dry off, I’m getting both.

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