March 23, 2023

Pebble Small Android Phone

Mitchell Clark, on The Verge:

Now that Apple has stopped making new small phones, Migicovsky’s Small Android Phone petition has evolved into a community-based project” — where that community includes a team working to design and produce the phone that Migicovsky and apparently quite a few Verge readers want.

Not sure if this will work — but the idea is sound. The whole things feels more like a hobby project, which is fine.

The team also hasn’t decided on a name for the phone, though its internal codename is Marvin.”

Not sure if it’s related to the Paranoid Android in H2G2, but fitting codename.

Another option was perhaps too similar to the iPhone Mini’s 5.4-inch display, with a very familiar notch cut out at the top. I would like something a little more Android-y,” Bryant tells me.

Understand the reasoning for not using the same screen as the iPhone mini, but it’s a missed opportunity. An android phone with the same screen as the iPhone mini is a very simple concept to explain to non-techies.


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