March 28, 2023

Remembering Alex Hay

Over the weekend, Adam Tow shared that Alex Hay had passed away from cancer.

I didn’t know him, but his Toolbox Pro Shortcuts companion app is an important part of my workflow. More specifically, during the lockdown, when we were stuck” outside Costa Rica and staying with my parents in Florida1, I used his app to quickly scan my morning notes.

It was a simple but important ritual for me. His app made it easy. His work made my life better.

Which made this tweet from him on Sept of last year, felt like a slap in the face:

What’s coming down the line?

I’m looking forward to the Wool series on TV+ (books by Hugh Howey) and The Three Body Problem on Netflix (books by Liu Cixin), which is being made by Benioff & Weiss

I’m looking forward to both things. But it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I might not be able to watch them. I may have chosen to not watch for some opinionated reason, but always as my choice.

So I’ll watch both and enjoy them. I’ll make time for it and be sure to remember a fellow geek that couldn’t, but should have.

  1. Wives shouldn’t have to live with their mothers-in-law, is all I’ll say.↩︎


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