March 29, 2023

The Overstory
by Richard Powers

The OverstoryThe Overstory

This book is like exercising a muscle you don’t usually use — awkward at the beginning. Then you get used to it, but it hurts a bit. It’s uncomfortable. Still I kept being drawn to it every night.

It has characters I wouldn’t interact much in the real world, with opinions and beliefs that made roll my eyes. Still, the ones that I would agree with, I liked even less.

However, the main characters in the book, no spoiler, are trees. But not the boring things outside your window, but fantastical Tolkien-like walking magical forests. But here’s the surprise: the tree in your garden, street, park, etc, is magical and fantastical. You don’t need to use your imagination, it’s science.

Highly recommended. The multiple storylines collapsing into one is strange, but it works really well. And the writing is excellent.

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