March 8, 2023

Remarkable2 Type Folio Keyboard Case Introduced


The new Type Folio brings physical keyboard support to reMarkable 2 for the first time. It provides a great typing experience when you need it, and smart, sturdy protection when you don’t.

It’s slim, with a barely-there footprint that could easily be mistaken for a protective folio. It’s comfortable, with a keyboard that features full-size letter keys and 1.3 mm of key travel — more than many popular laptops. And it’s simple. It connects automatically to reMarkable 2 with magnets, requiring no additional pairing, charging, or updating.

Well, this throws a wrench into my Freewrite Alpha window shopping. In a good way, mind you, if you already own one. The videos on the product page, and on reviews make it look very well-designed. Which is on-brand for Remarkable.

Reviewers seem to really like the hardware, even if the $200 price is high.

Raymond Wong, on

It’s a little pricey at $199, but if you are as fond of the distraction-free E Ink tablet for notetaking as I am, the Type Folio might be a worthwhile investment, though it does have quirks. If

Alex Cranz, on

Devices like the Freewrite are very cool in practice but simply too finicky for me to use as anything more than a gimmick. So I am frankly shocked by how much I like Remarkable’s new keyboard case, the $199 Type Folio.

Even Jason Hiner, on, appreciates the hardware:

The hardware is as stunning and well-designed as you’d expect from ReMarkable, yet the software — which requires an upgrade to version 3.2 to support the new keyboard — is not quite as intuitive or polished yet.

The software thought, doesn’t get as much praise. Which is my experience with the Remarkable2. It’s basically in the sour spot between extremely simple, and missing features like creating links to specific pages. Personally, I’ve struggling with the new disable continuous pages feature.

Still, better have great hardware, and continued improving software — than the other way around


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