April 14, 2023

AeroPress Showcases 4 New Products

AeroPress PR:

The only coffee maker that combines three brewing technologies in one simple to use press will debut prototypes of the new AeroPress Clear, AeroPress Premium, and AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap, along with concept art for the extra large AeroPress XL.

Wow. While new products were totally expected after they received an investment in 2021, four at once is a surprise. For the past 15 years, they basically had introduced 3 products: the original AeroPress in 2005, the AeroPress Go in 2019, and the Reusable Metal Filter last year. So this is a like suddenly getting a couple of new Calvin and Hobbes books.

Taking a look at the products announced:

  • AeroPress Clear - The AeroPress Clear uses the same breakthrough brewing technology as the AeroPress Original in a new crystal-clear form made of premium Tritan™ copolyester. Make up to 4 grit-free coffee types in under a minute - americano, latte, espresso, and cold brew.

Sold. My original AeroPress numbers are long-gone, and the idea of having a mythical transparent AeroPress is fun.

  • AeroPress XL - The AeroPress XL allows coffee lovers to brew twice as much smooth, rich, full-bodied coffee as the AeroPress Original, with all the same benefits of versatility, quick brew time, and portability.

Interesting, but I’m already going to have two Aeropress, which should result on the same output. Having a non-standard size, means a different set of accompanying toys.

  • AeroPress Premium - Thanks to feedback from our highly loyal global community of Baristas and at-home coffee lovers, we’re launching our first premium coffee press! Crafted beautifully from glass, aluminum and stainless steel and the same technology as the AeroPress Original, the AeroPress Premium is designed with your counter space in mind. Feel free to show off this stunning innovation, combining form and function into one fun, easy to use coffee device.

Will hold judgement and see. Glass does not hold heat well. Let’s see how they solve for that.

  • AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap - Eliminates drip through, allowing for an extended brew time, complete control of the brewing experience, and the ability to get creative with Barista-syle homemade coffee recipes.

Likely getting this because I love my Fellow Prismo. However, the reviews on reddit aren’t great. Will purchase alongside the clear Aeropress over the summer.


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