April 21, 2023

Fantastical Adds Better Shortcuts Support

Jason Snell & Dan Moren, on Six Colors:

To get our automation to work, we had to set up Apple’s default Calendar app and log it in to our Google calendars. For such a full-featured app, Fantastical’s lack of Shortcuts actions was really surprising.

While I use Fantastical as my calendar, I had to use Apple Calendar for some Obsidian Shortcuts, because I couldn’t get the data from Fantastical.

Things have gotten better! Flexibits just released Fantastical 3.7.9, which adds a bunch of new Shortcuts actions, including the ability to filter events from a given Calendar Set in a given date range, and the ability to generate a simple schedule for a given day.

Updating the Shortcuts now, and things do look better.


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