April 26, 2023

Upcoming Obsidian Bookmarks Feature

TfTHacker, on Medium:

The Bookmarks feature is similar to the bookmarking feature in a browser, allowing you to save shortcuts to frequently visited files and folders. Obsidian Bookmarks even go further than the browser concept. You can bookmark:

  • Searches: using the search panel, you can define a search and bookmark it to repeat that search.
  • Headings: Create bookmarks for a specific heading in a file. So we are not just creating bookmarks into files, but can also bookmark a specific line in a file.

Still not out in stable release, so I havenโ€™t played with it. But it looks very powerful. Article gives great overview and some ideas on how it can be used.

Seems inevitable that Iโ€™ll adopt this new feature in my workflow.


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