April 30, 2023

Nordic Spawns of Chromium Updates

Jon von Tetzchner, on Vivaldi Browser:

Today, we are thrilled to share new features — Custom Icons and Workspaces — that will change the way you experience Vivaldi on your desktop. With the release of 6.0, our powerful and personal browser goes even further.

If Arc suddenly went away, I’d probably use Vivaldi that day. It’s a great browser with lots of power features. It used to feel slow, but playing with 6.0 on my Mac, there’s snappiness™ there.

Julia Szyndzielorz, on Opera Newsroom:

Opera One is the early access version of a completly redesigned browser that is planned to replace the flagship Opera browser for Windows, MacOS, and Linux later this year. Based on Modular Design, Opera One transforms the way you interact with your browser, delivering a liquid navigation experience which is more intuitive to the user. With today’s release, Opera One also becomes the first major Chromium-based browser with a multithreaded compositor that brings the UI to life like never before. Opera One also introduces Tab Islands, a new, more intuitive way of interacting with and managing multiple tabs.

As always, Opera packs a bunch of interesting features. The new automatic grouping of Tabs being one of them, I just never bother anymore.


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