May 15, 2023

Tidbits for 2023 Week 19

  • Soulver 3: for iPad is out. I mostly use v2 on iPhone, but very close to upgrading.

  • Foldie: Transfer files between Android and MacOS. Useful for my experiments with the Boox Leaf 2.

  • Introspect: iOS journaling app that uses ChatGPT’s to ask questions about your writing. Very interesting.

  • Breveto: Yet another writing App for Mac. Looks very pretty, and in active development. Will keep an eye on it.

  • Table of contents: Safari extension for quickly documents for macOS and iOS. See a list of all headings in the page and click any to jump to it. Brilliant.

  • Praxis: Block scripts, trackers, and cookies on iOS. Waiting for iPad version to see if I can replace Brave for this use-case.

  • FSMonitor: macOS app that monitors all changes to the file system.


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