May 29, 2023

Tidbits for 2023 Week 21

  • Stops: very nice iOS photography app with beautiful filters.

  • FileFillet : macOS app that stays on the left side of the screen, and makes copy/paste files to locations very easy.

  • AnyGPT: makes any text field in macOS becomes a ChatGPT prompt.

  • HackerNewt: iOS client for Hacker News that makes reading comments much less painful.

  • Pixian.AI: simple webapp to remove image backgrounds and no signup - just credit.

  • Sky Bridge: server that translates Mastodon requests into Bluesky ones, so you can use Mastodon apps. Still not Bluesky invite, but keeping around.

  • ProNotes: macOS Apple Notes extension which adds ChatGPT, Markdown, and other formatting. I feel the urge to use.

  • ‎video for ants: iOS app the will convert the format, compress the bitrate, and optimize the fps to make video smaller. Wish I had this a while back.

  • ‎Naptime: iOS tracking of baby nap times and awake windows. If this makes no sense, it might in the future.


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