May 31, 2023

Meta Quest 3 Hands-On

Mark Gurman, on Bloomberg:

The device, codenamed Eureka, feels far lighter and thinner than the existing Quest 2 from 2020.


The actual clarity and VR displays within the Quest 3 feel similar to those in the Quest 2 — despite the resolution being rumored to be slightly higher. But there are two areas where I saw major improvements: video pass-through for mixed reality and the device’s speedier performance.

My brother-in-law fully lives the VR work life: he connects to his Mac and uses and Quest 2 to have multiple virtual monitors. However, the resolution isn’t there. Not sure if slightly higher, would make a difference with him.

Meta hasn’t yet settled on pricing for the device, but people involved in its development believe it may come in higher than the Quest 2’s $400. There is also a belief that the Quest 2 could stick around at a lower price. But there probably won’t be a second-generation Quest Pro anytime soon since the first version bombed.

The VR marketing is going to get interesting, and a $299 Quest 2 will probably make the $2,999 Apple device look very Apple priced for those not into tech details.

However, the most interesting thing for me on this articules is the fact that Meta saw it necessary to preannounce the Quest 3 a week before WWDC. If they are preempting Apple’s announcement, then there must be some sort of device announcement.

Update: and today Meta announced Meta Quest 3 Coming This Fall + Lower Prices for Quest 2:


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