May 4, 2023

Dave Winer: I want Bluesky to go away

Dave Winer, on Scripting News:

I definitely want Bluesky to just go away. I don’t like it because if it gains traction it has potential of replacing Twitter as the festering turd in the middle of what should have been a vibrant growing market that keeps anything else from rising in competition with it.

I agree with Dave Winer on this one. I’ll check BlueSky out when I get an invite, but I enjoy Mastodon.

I do get the Mastodon can get annoying with the anti-twitter vibe. This is out of left field, but it reminds me about moving to Miami from Venezuelan in 2014, and the constant self-justification all Venezuelans that migrated had for leaving. Many could not entertain the possibility that that it wasn’t a binary answer: it was ok to both stay or leave.

Still, as before, Tweetbot/Ivory is my software baggage. Their app is my window to social scrolling services, and whatever they support, I’m game.


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