June 2, 2023

Amazon Prime Mobile Service Rumored

Aisha Malik, on TechCrunch:

People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Amazon is considering offering wireless plans for $10 a month or possibly for free, in a move to bolster loyalty among subscribers. Currently, some people may cancel their Prime subscription and then sign-up again when they want to. If Amazon were to bundle mobile service into Prime, it would likely lead to people sticking with their subscriptions long-term.

Compelling. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, this would be interesting to me.

We currently subscribe to Google Fi on a family plan, which has worked really well — specially for travel. But the adoption of eSim has started to make temporary data plans very convient and price competitive1.

  1. Been using Airalo when we go over our data plans on trips, and it has worked great. Referral link.↩︎


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