June 4, 2023

WWDC 2023 Wishlist

Tomorrow will likely be as important for Apple, as the iPhone introduction. And while I’m all-in for adjective parade, when the confetti settles, I’m a simple man with simple wishes.

Here’s my personal software updates wishes for tomorrow:

  • Family Shared Airtags in Findmy.
  • Mac Stage Manager keyboard shortcuts for everything.
  • Mac notification update. It’s been broken for years, so many in fact, that I don’t expect a fix now, I want a considerable improvement.
  • Smarter iOS software keyboard. Anecdotally it’s getting dumber. Objectively it hasn’t improved in years.
  • Universal Clipboard History on iOS. Give us the Pastebot we deserve.
  • Books app for Android. I want to read on an iPad during the day and an eink at night.

That’s it. I consider all these possible, but not all probable.

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