July 9, 2023

GORUCK GR1 21L v 26L Differences

Ben Brooks, on brooksreview.net:

What’s important here is that those GR1s (despite what GORUCK might say in marketing) are a different size than all currently available GR1s. But not by a lot. They are slightly smaller than the current 26L GR1s, and most consider them to be 25L in capacity. I’d say they are somewhere between 24-25L.

I sent my 11 year old GR1 for repairs last week and GORUCK offered to replace it:

Battle parenthood scarred GR1 OGBattle parenthood scarred GR1 OG

We have received your gear from your Scars Repair request and have inspected it fully. Besides the reason it came in, there are other issues of normal wear and/or age. We would like to send you a new ruck!

However, I was a bit confused when they asked me to pick a size, since I didn’t remember they had two. Ben Brooks article helped me understand the difference. I’m leaning towards the 21L though.

Update 2023-07-25: Well, that was easy. I didn’t read the fine print, where for $25 in shipping, I could get back my original GR1. A fews later, I have both my old faithful and new 21L GR1.


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