September 12, 2023

Pre-Apple September Event Notes

I always tell my non-geek that Apple events are my sporting events. To stretch the analogy further, iPhone events are — Super Bowl, but my team isn’t playing. I love watching it, but I don’t paint my face — like when the Mac plays. /end of bad analogy.

This year I’m likely to get one of the iPhones announced. Both Ana and I are still on the iPhone 12 mini1 — which we love, but it’s starting to show its age on the battery side. If the iPhone 15 mini still existed, it would be an absolute purchase for me. But that dream is dead.

I think we’ll probably upgrade to the regular iPhone 15, mostly because I cannot deal with the weight of the Pro versions. Even with the expected lighter titanium, the regular iPhone 6.1 weight is my limit.2

I’m also keeping an eye on the Apple Watch. I lost my large Series 7 a month ago in a lake, and been using my previous small Series 4. I really miss the size and speed of the Series 7 I got last year. Still unsure if I’m going to be getting the Series 9 or, just like I did last year, the year ago version at some of the Black Friday events.

I’m all-in with the USB-C change. It’s going to be comfortable to just carry that one cable.

Still hoping for some surprises, but it does seem like an S sort of year.

  1. Above link reminded me to update my iPhone history: Original → 3GS4S5S → 6 → 6S → 7 → XS → 12 mini↩︎

  2. I do have an iPhone 12 Pro from work, and I hate carrying it.↩︎

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