September 18, 2023

Apple TV Can Now Do Tailscale

Andrea GottardoAlessandro MingioneSam Linville and Parker Higgins, on Tailscale:

Today we’re expanding the list of devices that can run Tailscale, bringing secure remote networking to the Apple TV. The newly released tvOS 17 offers support for VPNs, and we’re proud to say Tailscale is among the first to use this new feature. You can now add your Apple TV directly to your tailnet, unlocking three powerful new use cases that we’re excited to share.

This is really cool. I need to get my house (devices) in order, and using Tailscale to set up a personal/private VPN is top of the list. The news has multiple angles: I can set up an Apple TV in the US, to connect to my old MacBook Pro server at home to use Costa Rica streaming apps (Stars+). But also, you can do it the other way around, only having to leave an Apple TV at my parent’s place1 to use as an exit node.

  1. Never mind that my Dad has more Raspberry Pis than I do, even one driving him 3D printer. But you get the example. ↩︎


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