September 4, 2023

Tidbits for 2023 Week 35

  • Control Panel for Twitter: browser extension which brings some sanity to the clusterfudge. Can’t use Twitter without it.

  • JuxtaCode: good looking beta Git merge tool for macOS.

  • Trypa: trigger shortcuts based on environmental, hardware and system factors on macOS.

  • Dissolv for macOS : Hide inactive apps after an specified period. Replaces defunct Spirited Away app.

  • Applite: UI for Homebrew package manager. Good way to manage all those pesky apps that insist on having an AutoUpdate checking in login, or use .pkg installers.

  • S3 Files for iPhone, iPad & Mac: s3 buckets in the Files app, Finder, Shortcuts app & share sheet. Keeping around for rainy day.

  • Chantlings : musical app that let you explore tone and harmony. Let’s say it’s for the kids.

  • ‎Fuoco : change focus of Portrait Mode photos in iOS.


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