October 29, 2023

YouTube Blocking Adblockers

Zhenyi Tan, on And a Dinosaur:

YouTube isn’t rolling out the anti-adblock to everyone. It seems to depend on things like your account, browser, and IP address. And if you’re not logged in or you’re in a private window, you’re safe. As a result, there are a bunch of people saying, I use XYZ and I haven’t seen an anti-adblock popup yet,” unknowingly spreading misinformation.

But here’s the thing: YouTube isn’t just targeting adblockers. Use Privacy Badger? You’ll get flagged. Use Malwarebytes? You’ll get flagged. Set your Edge browser’s tracking protection to strict”? Yep, you’ll get flagged. So a lot of people think their extensions are safe to use, but actually they’re not.

I mostly used the author’s Vinegar Safari plugin until GoogleFi gave me a year of YouTube Premium with our plan change. However, not sure if I’ll be renewing next year — I need more friction to control by YT rabbit holes.

Keeping an eye on this.


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