October 5, 2023

New WhatsApp AI Features

Meta on WhatsApp.com:

Starting today, some users can start testing the following in chats with friends and family:

  • AI stickers: You can now create a custom sticker that represents a thought or idea that’s just right for your chat.
  • AI chats: With Meta’s AIs, you can ask any question to find out more about topics or try and settle a debate in your group chat, including getting the perspective from dozens of characters Meta has created that respond in interesting ways.
  • Photorealistic Image Generation: By typing the prompt /imagine, AIs allow you to generate images to represent an idea, place, or person.

I’m amazed of what Meta managed to make generally available these features in such a short time. I haven’t figured AI stickers, but the AI chats and image generation are impressive … and free”.


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