November 27, 2023

Matt Gemmell on His Kindle Scribe

Matt Gemmell, on Matt Gemmell:

And my dear reader, since it arrived, I haven’t been without it. I also haven’t charged it since then either, and it only just dropped below 80% after four days. As for my wife, her Scribe has gone from couch to bed to kitchen to greenhouse to desk, and I’m pretty sure she’s started reading on it too. She’s used it even more than I have.

He’s really loving it and has a found a place for it alongside his iPad.

I want one notebook and one pen, and to never be afraid of sullying a beautiful, virginal piece of stationery with my unworthy marks. I also love new toys, and I’m too old to pretend otherwise or to apologise for it. I absolutely love this gadget.

If e-ink tablets are able to hit the $299 with pens, I suspect a whole lot of more people will start using them.


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