January 22, 2024

Day One Introduces Shared Journals

The Day One Team, on Day One | Your Journal for Life:

Today we’re excited to introduce Shared Journals in Day One, a new way for you to safely share life’s moments with friends and family, while upholding the privacy and security you trust.

They’ve been testing [[[snippets]/2023-09-28 Shared Journals Waitlist|for a while]], and I’m happy to start using it. First use is a Kids shared journal with Ana… of stuff only a parent would find fascinating.

I already had a personal journal for this, and copying all the notes wasn’t flawless — it gave an error on media attached, but I don’t know which ones didn’t make it.

Shared Journals are available with Day One Premium. Those you invite can access your Shared Journal with a free account.

Great a approach, I feel confortable suggesting we use this for family trips this way.


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